I'm back on my bullshiiiiiitttt!!! Changed the site name and URL back to flowerfuck because I apparently have either a very strong attachement to this collection of sylables, or am starting to develop some sense of an online identity around it. Pity the username is taken literally fucking everywhere else.
Added a bunch of stuff on the misc page, including a to do list of some of the things I want to do with this site.
Moved some stuff around, now the front page looks kind of empty, but I'm planning to put more stuff on it soon. vine divider 24/08/19:
Updating twice in one day, look at me go! I added a proper nav menu with links to all the pages I want to get up and running. I tried to add something on most of the pages, I think everything but the occult library section has a real page attached to it. It's weird to try and think of things to put on this site, since I'm no longer the kind of person who really defines myself by my taste in movies or music any more, and the things I do define myself by are too nebulous and personal to put into words. Hmm. vine divider 24/08/19:
Updated the papernet directory to include grossgirl94, some buttons, and an actual email link so people can contact me (derp). Prettied it up a bit too. vine divider 16/08/19:
Made a whole new background image and I'm working on a better layout with containers. Told you guys I was planning something big. vine divider 14/07/19:
Combined elsewhere and leftovers from my old about page into the home page.
Started building an occult section that I'm still figuring out how to organise.
I honestly have no idea what I'm doing at this point. I think I need to work on getting some of my own art onto the site, which will be a challenge due to how scattered it all is.
vine divider 01/07/19:
Moved updates to the newly created updates page and added the deer text to the front page.
Added splash page with the three of swords.
vine divider 17/06/19:
Removed the rose background image. Simplicity is best sometimes. I think I have an idea of where I wanna go with the site. More surreal, more occult, more art. Blood red and flowers. Catholic iconography. Ideas are brewing.
vine divider 16/06/19:
Created a page for the forthcoming Papernet webring that will be here as soon as figure out what I'm doing.
Changed the size of the update box to make room for more stuff on the front page.
Added a zines page that doesn't have anything on it yet.
Removed the "about me" page because it wasn't that interesting. I might write an intro for the front page or something.
vine divider 07/06/19:
Added the elsewhere page and the buttons page, with two buttons I made myself! I'm so proud. I also rounded up all the bits of inline CSS into a proper stylesheet, but if I've done it right you guys won't be able to see a difference.
vine divider 03/06/19:
Added a background of red roses, changed the divider to a twinkly one.
vine divider 02/06/19:
Made a little tooth faerie for the front page and twiddled with colours and alignments to make things fit nicely.
vine divider 01/06/19:
Added this little update box and twiddled with colours and alignments. Still super wonky but I'm too tired to fix it now.
vine divider 29/05/19:
I'm starting over. I know, I do that every couple of months, but this time I'm really thinking about what I want. It's too easy for me to get lost in the idea of personal branding. There are too many characters I want to play.

I started this site in an attempt to find some kind of authenticity in my online self, expressing creativity, cultivating my own space on the web.

I'm too self-concious, or too self-aware, to know exactly what I want to do with this yet. I'll figure it out.

I don't know whether it will end up a totally abstract art site, a simple personal site, a collection of my art stuff, or a mix of all three.

The internet is a tense place right now, and I'm really feeling it. Time to take a step back and chill for a minute. c u soon bbys
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