under construction

I've taken a long break from writing perzines. I've been dealing with a lot of personal stuff the last couple of years that's been too difficult to write about. I started to wonder if writing about it was helping or just hurting me, like picking scabs, so I stopped writing for a while to figure out where to go next.

Since then I've been writing a lot less, but drawing and painting a lot more. Apparently it's something about PTSD that makes you think more in images than words, so I find it hard to express a lot of what's going on in my head. I'm thinking about making some more abstract zines, like comix or poetry. Not sure what yet but I'm spitballing ideas.

Old issues of Strange Devices and Brainwreck are still available for trade, I'll scan them and add them here when I get a chance.

If you still need your fix of papery goodness, why not check out The Papernet Directory (and soon to be webring)?